September 21: Worms to Frankfurt

September 22: Frankfurt

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Our last day on the bike.  It's cloudy, a bit cool, and looks like rain.  We start off through vineyards, then back to the Rhine.  Germany 212.jpg (325490 bytes) Once past Oppenheim, the river track is unpaved, making for slower going until we reach the confluence of the Rhine and Main. After crossing the Main, we stop for a Chinese food lunch.

Once we reach Mainz, we rejoin the original cycle track we followed from the airport on the first day of the tour.  Except for the adventure of hauling the bike up and down the steps to the pedestrian bridge over the Main, the ride is generally uneventful.  In the middle of the bridge, another cyclist stops us and asks "Were you in Strasburg last week?"  When we reply in the affirmative, he says that he was passing in the opposite direction and saw us, but we were gone before he could catch up.  We have a nice chat, discussing the bike and the trip.

As we close in to the airport, a nice gentleman guides us directly to the airport, allowing us to bypass the forest path we took on the outbound leg.

Back at the airport, we retrieve the bike box and begin to pack.  The attendant at baggage storage remembers us and asks about our trip.  Curious onlookers ask about the bike (we add a new language - Russian).  While I work on the bike, Jayne goes to information to find a hotel.

By the time the bike is ready, we have a hotel in a nearby suburb.  It has a lovely view of the local chemical plant.

The next morning, we take the train into Frankfurt.  Since it's Sunday, the all the shops are closed, and the city seems deserted. Germany 213.jpg (329628 bytes)  It starts to rain, so  we take a short river tour of the city.  Germany 215.jpg (191070 bytes)  Germany 214.jpg (166177 bytes)  By the time the tour ends, the rain has stopped, so we decide to head back to the hotel.

As we near the train station, we stumble upon a street festival sponsored by the Frankfurt Alsation club.  Germany 216.jpg (246246 bytes)  There's Alsatian wine, music Germany 220.jpg (62055 bytes), and food Germany 217.jpg (285408 bytes).  Of course, we have a sample. Germany 218.jpg (223720 bytes)

After breakfast the next morning, we shuttle back to the airport for the return trip.  We fly Frankfurt-Newark, the direct to San Antonio, arriving home before 10 pm on the 23rd.

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