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May 2000, Mamou, LA - 10:30 am on the third day of the Cycle Main Street tour & I'm passing through downtown Mamou & see another recumbent bike parked in front of the bar.  Just as I pass, the bike's owner sticks his head out the door and waves me over.  Only in Louisiana...

My New Year's resolution for 1999 was to do more aerobic exercise.  Since I didn't care much for running, and had a bike, the choice was pretty simple. At least for a while - until I rediscovered how uncomfortable a traditional bicycle seat can be. Since my cycling fitness goal was to ride at least 62 miles at the Hotter-n-Hell 100 in August, comfort became a critical factor.  

In researching more comfortable alternatives, I discovered the wonderful world of recumbent bicycles and purchased an entry level bikee (at the time only one bike shop in San Antonio carried recumbents, of course today, no San Antonio bike shops carry recumbents).  Three months later, I upgraded to a Vision R44, with full suspension, which I thoroughly enjoyed while riding the HH100 that August.

Over the next couple of years, I did a good bit of riding (over 5000 miles on the Vision), including  tours of France (where I bought my first trike) and Holland.  Jayne liked biking also, but didn't like being left behind, so when the opportunity to purchase a tandem trike presented itself, we pounced.  Now we could ride together on a stable, comfortable vehicle.  The tandem was so much fun, we had a custom version constructed that could be disassembled for air travel, and have used it for two European tours, as well as our weekly rides down the San Antonio Mission Trail.

Today, biking is a regular part of our lives.  We participate in many bike-related events, helping raise funds for civic organizations and the MS society. I served a term as a Citizen Representative to the Bicycle Mobility Advisory Committee, which provides input on cycling-related issues to the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Below are links about our bikes, travel and adventure pages, and links to resources.

About Our Bikes
A Front Wheel drive trike
The Tandem is Stolen!
Our FIRST Greenspeed GTT Tandem Trike
Our SECOND Greenspeed GTT Tandem Trike (GTT5S)
Optima Trike:
Vision R44
Trikes on Parade

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Travel by Bike
Cycling the Swiss Alps, Austria, and Germany, 2006
Provence, France, 2007
Urban Assault Race 2005
Southwest France 2004
A Bike Museum in France 2004
15 days, 670 Miles, 3 Countries on the GTT5S
Riding the MS150 to Corpus Christi.
May 2001 tour of Louisiana

Holland, April 2001

Paris and biking the Loire River Valley, October 2000 

Recumbent Links:


Greenspeed - all types of trikes


Optima - the Dutch company that built my Trike.  


RANS - not just bikes, but airplanes too! 


Recumbents.com - good general web site about recumbent bikes


'BentRiderOnline - online recumbent magazine.  Look for my Holland story in the July 2001 issue.


The San Antonio Wheelmen - our local bike club.  Not many 'bents, but nice folks.  The club sponsors at least 2 rides per week.


Sands Machine - they make the special couplings for our tandem trike.

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