Vision R44: 


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I bought this bike in May 1999.  It was my first "serious" recumbent.  In  the 3 years I owned it, it  accumulated 5300 miles - mostly in town, with a bit of touring and longer event rides thrown in (Louisiana Cycle Main Street tour, MS 150, Hotter-N-Hell, etc.).  

Vision made some great bikes.  Unfortunately, the company went out of business in 2003.

This is a very comfortable, fully suspended  road bike.  I replaced the seat system with a 2000 model Vision seat cover in mid-2000, and also replaced the existing seat cushion with a denser, closed-cell foam that seems to mold to your rear end better.

The other major modification to the bike centers on the handlebars.  I felt that the standard configuration put my hands too far towards the rear of the bike, so we turned the bars 180 degrees.  This configuration puts your hands more forward, similar to side-stick steering, and I believe it's more comfortable.  wpe1B.jpg (61950 bytes)   wpe17.jpg (25257 bytes)The only negative is that the shifter cables are still pointing forward, so they sometimes get in your way when mounting and dismounting (I was planning to replace the Rapid Fire shifters with bar-end shifters, which would take care of the cable issue, but never got around to it).  It's relatively easy to turn the bars back the other way.

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