116 E. French Place

San Antonio, Texas 78212

(210) 823-2200




Education/Specialty Training


·         Inspection, Maintenance, and Documentation of Hyperbaric Chamber Acrylics Course, Orlando, FL, June 25, 2006

·         Hyperbaric Safety Director Training, May 2002

·         Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems, ASTM, November, 1997

·         Sechrist Industries, Hyperbaric Chamber Maintenance and Repair, August 1999, February 1994

·         Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems, Clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Course, March 1986

·         Louisiana Hospital Association School for Supervisory Training, 1985

·         Louisiana State University, Alexandria, LA,  1980 - 83  (Nursing, General Studies)

·         Louisiana College, Pineville, LA,  1974 - 75  (Biology)


Work History


·         Hyperbaric America, LLC, Boca Raton, FL, 6-08 - 5-09, Senior Vice President

·         National Healing Corporation, Inc., Boca Raton, FL/Medical Multiplex, Inc., Louisville, KY, 7-01 - 6-08, Director, Facility Planning and Safety/Senior Vice President for Facility Design and Clinical Technology

·         Hyperbaric Specialty Consultants, Inc., San Antonio, TX, 9-99 – 7-01, President

·         Advanced Baromedical Systems, Inc., San Antonio, TX, 8-97 – 1-00, President

·         TotalWound Treatment Center/Hyperbaric Oxygen, Inc., San Antonio, TX, 8-92 – 8-00. Vice President, Director of Hyperbaric Services 

·         Reneau, Inc., Stafford, TX, 10-87 - 10-92.  Vice President/Hyperbaric Applications Specialist

·         St. Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, LA,  9-83 - 10-87. 

o        Technical Coordinator, Regional Hyperbaric Center (2-86 to 10-87)

o        Acting Director, Respiratory Therapy (7-85 to 7-86)

o        Shift Supervisor (9-83 to 7-85), Respiratory Therapy

·         St.  Frances Cabrini Hospital, Alexandria, LA,  3-80 - 9-83.  Shift Supervisor, Respiratory Therapy

·         Alexandria Vo-Tech Institute, Alexandria, LA, 5-82 - 10-82.  Associate Instructor, Health Occupations

·         Williams’ Physicians’ and Surgeons’ Supply, Shreveport, LA, 11-79 - 3-80. Sales Representative

·         Minden Medical Center, Minden, LA, 12-77 - 10-79.   Department Head, Respiratory Therapy, EKG/EEG

·         Respiratory Care Services, Inc., Jackson, MS., 7-72 - 5-74 / 5-75 - 12-77. 

o        Winnfield General Hospital, Winnfield, LA 72-74, Staff Technician, Respiratory Therapy

o        Many Hospital, Many, LA / Franklin Parish Hospital, Winnsboro, LA, 5-75 - 12-77, Department Head, Respiratory Therapy

·         Rapides General Hospital, Alexandria, LA, 5-74 - 5-75,  Staff Technician, Respiratory Therapy

·         Winnfield General Hospital, Winnfield, LA, 5-72 - 7-72, Staff Technician, Respiratory Therapy

Current Employment Responsibilities

Provide a full range of consultive, management, technical, and educational services to providers of hyperbaric therapy.  Utilizing my wide range of hyperbaric experience I provide assistance to hyperbaric providers on topics including: market analysis, feasibility studies, equipment specification and acquisition, facility design, training, hyperbaric chamber repair and preventive maintenance, regulatory and reimbursement issues and operational management consultation and support.


·         Current, date attained

o        Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician, 1974 (inactive)

o        Registered Respiratory Therapist #18892, 1983 (inactive)

o        Certified Hyperbaric Technologist #340 (with distinction), 1993

·         Previous, date attained

o        Licensed Respiratory Therapist, State of Louisiana #106, 1987

o        CPR Instructor-Trainer

o        Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor

o        Emergency Medical Technician, 1978

o        CPR Instructor-Trainer, 1979      

o        CPR Affiliate Faculty, 1979


Honors and Awards

·         Paul C. Baker Award for “outstanding contributions to the advancement of safety in hyperbarics worldwide”, UHMS Associates, June 2006

·         Award for Excellence in Paper Presentation, UHMS Associates, June 2005

·         1st Place, UHMS Talent Show, May 1998

·         3rd Place, Scientific Papers, Tri-State Respiratory Therapy Conference, August 1986

·         2nd Place, Scientific Papers, Tri-State Respiratory Therapy Conference, August 1984

·         1st Place, Scientific Papers, Tri-State Respiratory Therapy Conference, August 1983

·         Outstanding Young Men of America, 1984

·         Service Award, Central Louisiana EMS Council, 1983


Professional Organizations

·         Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Association (founding member)

o        Treasurer, 1999 – 2000

o        Vice President, 1998-9

·         Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

o        Associate Member Since 1986

o        Member, Associates Nominations and Awards Committee, 1997 – 99

o        Chair, Associates Nominations and Elections Committee, 2000

o        Associates Board of Directors

§         Chairman-elect, UHMS Associates, 1999 – 2001

§         Chairman, UHMS Associates, 2001- 2003

§         Board Member (Past Chair), 2003 - 2007

o        Chair, UHMS Associates Facility Design Committee, 2003-present

o        Surveyor, UHMS Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Program, 2002 – present

o        Member, Facility Accreditation Council, 2003-2005

o        Webmaster, UHMS Associates, 2002 - present

o        Member, Website Committee, 2005

·         National Fire Protection Association

o        Committee on Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Facilities, 1997 - 2002

·         American Association for Respiratory Therapy

o        1974 - 2002

·         Louisiana Society for Respiratory Therapy

o        Treasurer (by appointment), 1985

o        Chairman, Publications Committee, 1985

o        Editor, the AEROGRAM, 1985

o        Chairman, Program Committee, 1985

o        Chairman, Membership Committee, Reapportionment Committee 1984

o        Co-Chairman, Program Committee, 1984-85

o        Member, Legislative Committee,1984-85

o        Member, Public Relations Committee, 1984

o        Moderator, 1983 Annual Meeting

·         American Heart Association - Louisiana Affiliate                                                                                                     

o        CPR-Emergency Cardiac Care Committee   1979-82

o        AHA-LA, Area III CPR Committee Chairman, 1982-83

·         Central Louisiana Emergency Medical Services Council

o        Secretary, 1982-83


Civic/Other Organizations and Publications

·         Urban Campfires community house concert series – www.urbancampfires.com – a monthly music series featuring singer/songwriters.  Host/webmaster, 1998-present

·         San Antonio/Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Bicycle Mobility Advisory Committee, 2005 – 2006

·         International Human Powered Vehicle Association, Member, 2002 – 2005

·         “Bent Biking in Holland”(recumbent bicycle touring in Holland), BentRider Online, Volume 2.6, June 2001, www.bentrideronline.com


Professional Publications

·         Hyperbaric Medicine Today magazine:

o        Columnist “Hyperbaric Humor”, Volume I, Issues 4 & 5, 2001

o        Contributing writer “Guide to Transcutaneous Monitors”, conference reports, appearing in Volume I, Issues 4 & 5, 2001

·         Chapter: “Static Electricity” in Workman, W.T. ed., Hyperbaric Facility Safety: A Practical Approach, Best Publishing Co., 1999

·         “More Efficient Cooler for Arterial Blood Samples”, Resp. Care, Jan. ‘77

o        Response to” Questions about Blood Gas Cooler”, Resp. Care, May ‘77

·          “Competition - the Name of the Game” (Co-author: Joyce Chiantella, RRT) “Biofeedback” (published by Biosystems Institute, Inc.), Vol. 1, No. 2, 1985


Speaking Engagements

·         “Challenges in the Monoplace World”, UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting, Maui, Hawaii, June 2007

·         “Hyperbaric Facility Design and the AIA”, UHMS Associates Annual Scientific Meeting, Orlando, FL, June 2006

·         “Air Break Masks for Monoplace Chambers”, UHMS Associates Annual Scientific Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, June 2005 (Presentation Award winner)

·         “Selecting Smoke Hoods for Hyperbaric Facilities”, UHMS Associates Annual Scientific Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, June 2005

·         “Hyperbaric Facility Design Recommendations”, UHMS Associates Annual Scientific Meeting/Joint Meeting with BNA and UHMS Gulf Coast Chapter, Dallas, TX, August 2004

·         “Static Sparks” and “UHMS Facility Accreditation Update”, August 2003, Technical Aspects of Hyperbaric Chamber Safety, San Antonio, TX

·         “Designing a Monoplace Facility”, UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting, Quebec City, Canada, June 2003

·         Session moderator, UHMS Associates Annual Meeting 2002

·         “Buyer’s Guide to Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitors”, UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting, June 2001

·         “Practical Aspects of Static Control”, March 1997, March 1998, April 1999 at Technical Aspects of Hyperbaric Chamber Safety seminar, San Antonio, TX.

·         “Ignition Characteristics of Textiles Exposed to 100% Oxygen at 2.4 ATA”, March 1998, UHMS Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting, Galveston, TX

·         “The Risk of Static Spark Ignition in Enriched Oxygen Environments” Presented at:

o        Seminar: “Oxygen, Understanding the Risk”, Hobart, Tasmania, August 1996

o        Meeting of the National Fire Protection Association Hyperbaric/Hypobaric Subcommittee, San Antonio, TX, October, 1996

o        UHMS Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting, Panama City, Florida, March, 1997

o        Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Annual Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, June 1997

·         “Using Tympanometry to Assess Eustachean Tube Function”

o        Winter Symposium on Baromedicine, Breckenridge, Colorado, January 1994

o        Hyperbaric Technician and Nurses’ Association of Australia Annual Meeting, Hobart, Tasmania, August 1996

·         “Oxygen Diffusion Through Occlusive Dressing Materials During Hyperbaric Exposure - A Preliminary Report of Methodology and Initial Data”, Gulf Coast Chapter, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, April 1993

·         “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the Respiratory Care Practitioner”:

o         Mississippi Society for Respiratory Care Annual Meeting, October 1992;

o        Cenla Chapter, Louisiana Society for Respiratory Care, February 1993

·         “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the Expansion of Respiratory Care Services”:

o        LSRT Chapter II Lake Bistineau Retreat, September 1986;

o        Arkansas Society for Respiratory Care Annual Meeting, September 1986;

o        Louisiana Society for Respiratory Therapy Annual Convention, February 1987;

o        Iowa Society for Respiratory Care Annual Meeting, March 1987

·         “Clinical Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy”:

o        TriState Respiratory Therapy Conference, August 1987

o        West Virginia Society for Respiratory Care Annual Meeting, August 1988

·         “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring”: Novametrix Medical Systems national sales meeting, November 1987

·         “Design Considerations in the Selection of a Hyperbaric Chamber” presented at Scientific Papers (Third Place Award), Tri-State Respiratory Therapy Conference, August, 1986

·         “Respiratory Therapy In Louisiana - A Survey” conducted for the Louisiana Society for Respiratory Therapy, April 1984. Second Place Award, Scientific Papers, Tri-State Respiratory Therapy Conference, Biloxi, MS, August 1, 1985.

·         “Development of a Neonatal Transport System - One Hospital’s Experience” (Co-author: Dennis Wissing, RRT), Presented at Tri-State Respiratory Therapy Conference, Biloxi, MS, 1983.  First Place Award, Scientific Papers


Teaching/Staff Development

·        Faculty member, National Healing Institute "Principles of Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine", conducted monthly at Ohio State University, 2007-2008

·         “Inspecting Cylindrical Hyperbaric Chamber Windows”, Faculty Member,  Inspection, Maintenance, and Documentation of Hyperbaric Chamber Acrylics Course, Orlando, FL, June 25, 2006, San Antonio, TX, 2007-08 (4 courses)

·         Program developer and lead instructor for Medical Multiplex, Inc.’s “Hyperbaric Medicine Introductory Course” (NBDHMT-recognized, 2002) and “Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine” course (CME program through UHMS, 2003).

·         Lecturer “Critical Care in the Monoplace Chamber” for International ATMO, Inc., San Antonio, TX Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training course (2000-05).

·         Developer and lead instructor for Hyperbaric Oxygen Inc./TotalWound Treatment Center’s “Introduction to Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine” course (NBDHMT-recognized): 1995 - 2000.

·         Lecturer on operation of the Sechrist 2500/3200 series chambers and 500A ventilator as part of a 40 – hour physician/nurse/technologist training course co-conducted by UTMB/Galveston and Dr. Jeff Stone. July 1998

·         Produced and delivered a 1 hour CEU teleconference program for respiratory therapists across the US provided by the University of Texas Teleconference Network. 1998

·         Provider of specialty training for HOI/TWTC – focus on Sechrist 500A hyperbaric ventilator. 1992 – 2000

·         Developed and implemented training program for users of Reneau hyperbaric chambers 1987 - 92

·         Clinical Evaluator, California College for Health Sciences, 1984

·         Instructor for approx. 20 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Courses throughout Louisiana 79 - 86

·         ACLS course coordinator, St. Frances Cabrini Hospital, 1983

·         Assistant Instructor, 2 EMT courses, Minden, LA, 1978 - 79

·         Taught Aspects of CPR, Advanced Life Support, and Respiratory Therapy to medical and nursing     students at National Hospital San Felipe, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Feb. 1979

·         Instructor for 10 CPR Instructor courses  1977 - 82

·         Primary or assistant instructor for numerous in-house and public CPR courses, 1977 - 87

·         Initial concept, major development and primary instructor of Alexandria Vo-Tech Institute’s first Respiratory Care Assistant Program, 1982


Special Projects

·         Website development/webmaster:

o        www.jstevenwood.com

o        www.uhmsassociates.org

o        www.urbancampfires.com

o        www.munslaw.com


·         Initial concept, primary designer and construction coordinator for St. Frances Cabrini Hospital’s Infant Special Care Center Infant Transport Vehicle, 1981-82

·         Developed and initiated the Regional Hyperbaric Center for St. Patrick Hospital, 1986


·         36 Years Progressive Management Experience

o        9 Years Critical Care and Specialty Areas (7 ½ Adult ICU, 1 ½ in Neonatal ICU)

o        24 Years Hyperbaric (3 years clinical, 21 years management/marketing/development/education/consulting)

·         Involved in formal/informal educational programs

o        Developed innovative approaches to delivery of specialized health care services


Upon request.





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