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To find out more about hyperbaric medicine, check out the following links:

Books and Magazines:

Best Publishing, Inc. publish an incredible array of hyperbaric-related books.


Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society is the oldest international hyperbaric organization.

UHMS Associates are the non-physician members of the UHMS.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Association has become the American Association for Wound Care Management- the US industry organization.

American College of Hyperbaric Medicine - physician issues

 American College of Hyperbaric Medicine

Diver's Alert Network - the people to call before and after you get bent!

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National Fire Protection Association - fire safety standards for hyperbaric chambers and facilties.




Sechrist Industries - the industry standard 

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Perry Baromedical - monoplace and multiplace chambers

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Pan America Hyperbarics - newer entrant to the US market

Gulf Coast Hyperbarics - Jim McCarthy builds high quality multiplace systems

Perimed - Transcutaneous oxygen monitors and laser doppler systems


Hyperbaric Clearinghouse - Steve Reimer's site.  Not just used chambers, also engineering and technical services for chambers.


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