50th Anniv
Xmas 2001
Michele and Joe

Family Photos


Other Photos

Christmas 2001

Michele and Joe's wedding, August 2005

Monte Vista July 4 parades

California trip

Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary

Jayne's Family

Thanksgiving 1999

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Steve's Family

wpe3D.jpg (57154 bytes)My home town, Winnfield, LA



wpe37.jpg (13288 bytes)Cousin Matt Brockwpe39.jpg (36475 bytes) Cousin Rhonda Brock

wpe3B.jpg (109595 bytes) Ann and Clay Brock

I got an email from Rhonda - her brother Brad complained that I didn't have his picture up here (he wasn't there the day I shot these), so she sent this one to keep the family album together.

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