California Dreaming

Mendocino coast

On June 24, Jayne's dad Ed Muns and his wife Marylee celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary with a trip to northern California's wine country, followed by a drive down the coast to San Diego.  We had the opportunity to join them for the trip and celebration...

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We started in San Francisco, with a stay at the Stanford Court Hotel on Nob Hill, IMG_0841.JPG (183434 bytes)

then traveled to the Napa Valley, where we toured wineries... IMG_0844.JPG (250435 bytes)  IMG_0845.JPG (285192 bytes)  IMG_0848.JPG (194407 bytes)  IMG_0846.JPG (217868 bytes) and were joined by sister Heather and Randy, her boyfriend  IMG_0851.JPG (181938 bytes) (those kids!).  Dinner in Napa was great (as was the wine) img_0854.jpg (164658 bytes)  

IMG_0855.JPG (176256 bytes)  img_0856.jpg (145594 bytes)  img_0857.jpg (153672 bytes)  After two days in Napa, we traveled on to Mendocino, and visited more wineries, particularly the champagne houses...  img_0860.jpg (215523 bytes)

IMG_0862.JPG (206523 bytes)  

The Mendocino coast is beautiful IMG_0877.JPG (248389 bytes)  IMG_0879.JPG (520681 bytes)  IMG_0874.JPG (352462 bytes)  IMG_0887.JPG (263211 bytes)  IMG_0883.JPG (219406 bytes)(though cold for some of us). IMG_0871.JPG (196832 bytes)

Again, we had lovely meals and fine wines... IMG_0873.JPG (207538 bytes), then headed down the coast for San Diego, with a stop in Carmel, where we celebrated Ed and Marylee's anniversary at one of their favorite restaurants.  IMG_0889.JPG (206514 bytes)  img_0890.jpg (175292 bytes)  IMG_0893.JPG (200416 bytes) 

In San Diego, we were joined by Heather, Randy, sister Michele and her boyfriend Thor for one more dinner.  img_0896.jpg (172130 bytes)  img_0897.jpg (188774 bytes)

Thanks Marylee and Ed for such a wonderful trip!

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