Arizona and Mexico

November 2003

Our trip takes us west from San Antonio, through New Mexico, into Arizona where we stopped at the Painted Desert...

MexicoNov03 019.jpg (599096 bytes) MexicoNov03 021.jpg (777201 bytes) MexicoNov03 022.jpg (953557 bytes)

then on to Flagstaff, for a nice visit with our friends Sue and Jim Joiner, punctuated by a sudden change in the weather.

By the time we arrived at the Canyon, the temperature had dropped into the low 40's, with high winds.  Though the Canyon was spectacular, the climate convinced us to head south a couple of days early.

MexicoNov03 001.jpg (674477 bytes) MexicoNov03 006.jpg (536392 bytes) MexicoNov03 024.jpg (672026 bytes) MexicoNov03 027.jpg (621084 bytes)
MexicoNov03 036.jpg (682764 bytes) MexicoNov03 034.jpg (459655 bytes) MexicoNov03 005.jpg (544313 bytes) MexicoNov03 031.jpg (524977 bytes)

In Phoenix, we were joined by our friends Pokey MexicoNov03 114.jpg (185867 bytes) and Gumby MexicoNov03 050.jpg (365661 bytes), Tudy MexicoNov03 113.jpg (354899 bytes) and Jake, Dick MexicoNov03 049.jpg (415149 bytes) and Bettye MexicoNov03 094.jpg (397975 bytes), Martie and Alex MexicoNov03 110.jpg (325587 bytes), and Scott and Katie.  After overnighting in the Clark-Wayland parking lot, we caravanned MexicoNov03 039.jpg (441888 bytes) our RVs down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, where we were joined by Jayne's dad Jere, his wife Katy  MexicoNov03 063.jpg (347737 bytes), Jayne's sister Michelle and her friend Joe MexicoNov03 054.jpg (311354 bytes) at Jere's beach houseMexicoNov03 041.jpg (270865 bytes).  The house  became our base of operations, and we used the sand rail MexicoNov03 040.jpg (417508 bytes) for fun riding and local transportation. 

During the day we hung out MexicoNov03 046.jpg (389046 bytes), bought jewelry MexicoNov03 048.jpg (375999 bytes), played Train Wreck MexicoNov03 057.jpg (399179 bytes), fished MexicoNov03 097.jpg (373198 bytes), and blasted through the sand in the rail.  Every night MexicoNov03 092.jpg (250389 bytes) was a shrimp fest MexicoNov03 093.jpg (389922 bytes).  With fresh jumbo shrimp at $7-8 per lb, who could resist?  Couple grilled or sautéed shrimp with a drop or two of wine MexicoNov03 107.jpg (328456 bytes) and good friends, MexicoNov03 091.jpg (330091 bytes) and you have the makings of a party!

MexicoNov03 076.jpg (400778 bytes)  MexicoNov03 079.jpg (317840 bytes)  MexicoNov03 061.jpg (405447 bytes)  MexicoNov03 071.jpg (398422 bytes)  MexicoNov03 112.jpg (378480 bytes)  MexicoNov03 111.jpg (377913 bytes)

Alas, our stay was much too short, and the drive home much too long...