Kerrville Folk Festival 2002

One of the highlights of our year is the Kerrville Folk Festival.  We get to see old friends and make new ones, and everyone has tons of fun.

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Performers...  Many Kerrville performers have also appeared at Urban Campfires, and others just hang out in camp.

Christopher Williams...JCCWilliams.JPG (132691 bytes)  

Laurie and Jonathan (Dogwood Moon) dm3.JPG (146072 bytes)  dm2.JPG (138744 bytes) DM1.JPG (173488 bytes)     Vance Gilbert  Vance1.JPG (281186 bytes)  johnsmith JCJSmith.JPG (207951 bytes) 

Ronnie Cox RCox.JPG (43037 bytes)  PokeyRCJCGano.JPG (216718 bytes)

Social Events... from birthdays to banquets

   Clarice's birthday... complete with hats, lame' gloves, and boas..   Clarice2.JPG (256811 bytes)  clarice3.JPG (254735 bytes)  Clarice1.JPG (273319 bytes)  ClariceJanet1.JPG (245974 bytes)  eggrolls.JPG (243167 bytes)  NancyJo.JPG (314805 bytes)

Janet1.JPG (228703 bytes)  Queyen.JPG (237645 bytes)  and nobody makes egg rolls like Queyen!

Stanley stanley.JPG (274627 bytes) hosts a spaghetti dinner on the last Saturday of the festival...

    spag1.JPG (307547 bytes) lining up    BillMc.JPG (208405 bytes)  enjoying  melgeorge.JPG (270672 bytes)

Friends... the best part!

  Janet2.JPG (186949 bytes)  JanetClarise.JPG (136002 bytes) betty.JPG (226350 bytes) JavierDyanne.JPG (203676 bytes)  JayneCliff.JPG (283226 bytes)

  JCJanet.JPG (226135 bytes)    JCRichRetta.JPG (233216 bytes)  JudyBill.JPG (175731 bytes)  JudyBill2.JPG (199289 bytes)  JudyBill3.JPG (206987 bytes)

    JudyS.JPG (212833 bytes)    SueKentBill.JPG (250004 bytes)  SueBill.JPG (253318 bytes)


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