In Memorium

Cliff Wilson

April 4, 1984 - February 2, 2003

Over the years, we've watched our friends kids grow into some amazing young men and women.  Cliff Wilson was one of those kids.  We met Cliff, his dad Dick, and step mom Bettye about 10 years ago and have shared many good times visiting with them at camping trips and during the Kerrville Folk Festival. 

Cliff was one of those kids who seemed more at home with adults than with other kids, and it was always great to see him as he grew into a fine young man who loved Dick, Bettye, and his mom Marie. Their pride in Cliff was evident, and they supported him as he made the transition to college and began his transition to manhood.

Unfortunately, the  light of Cliff's promise was snuffed out in a car accident.  No one who has not lost a child can fathom such a loss, but we join his family in mourning and preserving his memory.


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