The Beasts

Bella, Sophie, Girlie




At the end of May 2003, we lost our dear friend Cody, our slightly hyper, always funny and loving, Springer spaniel.  cody.jpg (110445 bytes) He was 13 ½ years old, and had a very good life.  As we said on his marker --“A fine dog” – and he was.  We all have a Cody story, from him saving the day (well almost) trying to tell Kristi someone was stealing her car, to the joy he found in seeing Miki (he’d jump so high in the air we thought he’d hurt himself),  to all of his stupid pet tricks (okay, so how many dogs do you know get the paper, or respond to the command “who let the dogs out who who who who who!”, Cody was a terrific beast.

So, how do we fill our life with another dog?  Well, we knew we didn’t want a puppy - too much work!  And we hoped to find a dog that was relaxed, trained, less hyper, and well behaved.  So Steve and I went to the dog show to see what was out there.  We were looking for a big dog in a small dog body.  And we found her!

Meet Bella, our new French Bulldog.  bella 027.jpg (138764 bytes)She’s only 17 pounds, 11 months old, already housebroken, and she loves her new name “Bella” coming whenever we call her.  She’s a very comical little dog, barely barks, and is trying (although unsuccessfully so far) to make friends with the cats.

She had a home with an older couple that, due to declining health, could no longer keep her.  Weren’t we lucky!  Bella’s a happy dog, good tempered and funny to watch.   

So, Bella looks forward to meeting all of you!

Miscl 017.jpg (366170 bytes)  Miscl 027.jpg (318066 bytes)  Miscl 020.jpg (361905 bytes) 

The cats are not amused.

All About Sophie...

Ok, it's cold, its raining.  Jayne hears this kitten outside.  Oh, it's in the wheel well of her car.  Oh, it must need to be rescued.  Oh, it bit me then ran away. ("What caused it to bite you?"  "Well, I was petting it") Emergency Room Visit. Tetanus shot. (Update 12/30/00: Can you say cat scratch fever?)

Next day, cat's under the house. Somebody's got to rescue it. "I promise, it'll go to the shelter on Monday". "Right"

12/30/00 She's been here 6 weeks.  Her name is Sophie. 

03/04/01  Sophie discovers crawfish...  sophiecrawfish.jpg (72649 bytes)