Winnfield Senior high


OK, I admit itI was a geek in high school, but one thing about being a photo geek was that I got to learn a couple of interesting lessons.  More fun than the chemistry and physics lesson that comes with developing and printing photos is the fringe benefit of getting to take photos of cute girls, and WSHS was full of cute girls.

This collection of photos was taken between 197274 when I shot for the yearbook and our local newspaper, the Winn Parish Enterprise.  After graduating, I stuffed them into an envelope, and pretty well forgot about them until recently, when we were consolidating our photo storage.  A few months later, my old friend Allen Berlin came to visit, so I  pulled the prints out to reminisce.  Allen suggested I do something with them, so here they are...

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Barbara Derbonne.jpg (62273 bytes)

Barbara Derbonne

Cindy Walker.jpg (69247 bytes)

Cindy Walker

Connie Clinton.jpg (93303 bytes)

Connie Clinton

Debbie Hanna.jpg (64753 bytes)

Debbie Hanna

Debby Parker.jpg (60394 bytes)

Debby Parker

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Dottie Thompson

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Ginny Lou Sullivan

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Jan Shell

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Jan Willingham

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Janet Kelley

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Janis Albritton

Judy Howell.jpg (26059 bytes)

Judy Howell

Laurie Rigdon.jpg (53311 bytes)

Laurie Rigdon

LBundrickAJJohns.jpg (49288 bytes)

Linda Bundrick & Alpha Jo Johns

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Pam Connor

Renee Pray.jpg (105810 bytes)

Renee Pray

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Sharon Frederick

Sharon Sanders.jpg (103517 bytes)

Sharon Sanders

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Sheila Herring

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Sherry Halphen

Sissy Smith.jpg (123556 bytes)

Sissy Smith

Susan Willis.jpg (49529 bytes)

Susan Willis

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Toy Tigers

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Vonette Alsup