Steve's 50th Birthday Party


Version 1.0, January 14, 2006

Despite being part of the bulge in the demographic python that defines the Baby Boom, I continue to find it hard to believe that I've survived to half a century.  Too young to appreciate Elvis (or Woodstock, for that matter) and too old for Vietnam (but old enough to have a draft card), middle boomers have had the benefits of a high standard of living and the detriments of disco.   Even though, as Donna Summer so amply put it - we did survive, despite that awful perm phase.

Thanks to my Mom and Dad, and a highly hung over (or still slightly lit) Dr. George Rogers, I ended up as the first baby of 1956 in Winn Parish, Louisiana (there's no truth to the rumor that the second was born in July).  With 2006 rolling around, it was only appropriate to have a bit of a party.

With Jayne's always able handling of the logistics, we ended up with a 5 day celebration that included not only a gathering of genetic family for the holidays, but a opportunity for our extended "family" to gather and drink mass quantities of wine.  Who could ask for more?

Before going further, a number of thanks are in order:  

to Jayne, who has made the past 12 years the best of my life, and is the most organized person I've ever met. 
to the family - all three sides (Clark, Wood, Muns), for 5 days of generally peaceful coexistence
to our "family" - who now really understand
to our friends - who also now really understand
to Almost Patsy Cline - who can continue to play, despite watching all of us dance
Special thanks to Sandra Clark and Bettye Wilson for the extra photos

This party really brought home to me the importance and value of family and friends.  Thanks to you all for making this such a special event.

50bday 005.jpg (176975 bytes)

Jayne & Bella

50bday 006.jpg (311446 bytes)

Chuck & Allison

50bday 008.jpg (243803 bytes)

Patricia says "Whatever"

50bday 017.jpg (301097 bytes)

Steve & Mom

50bdayBW 038.jpg (1469549 bytes)

George & Kathy

50bday 026.jpg (280647 bytes)

Something agrees with Rhetta

50bdayBW 024.jpg (1450276 bytes)

Mom "styling"

50bday 120.jpg (704362 bytes)

Jayne and Liz

50bdayBW 003.jpg (1458872 bytes)


50bday 130.jpg (651275 bytes)

Ed & Marylee

50bdayBW 045.jpg (1479994 bytes)

Randy & Debbie

50bdayBW 013.jpg (1505461 bytes)

Pokey & Gano

50bday 148.jpg (538348 bytes)

George & Kathy

50bdayBW 005.jpg (1435614 bytes)

Dick & Bettye

50bdayBW 049.jpg (1479780 bytes)

Glenna & Mary

50bday 058.jpg (228014 bytes)

Steve & the band

50bday 083.jpg (171868 bytes)

Jayne, Chuck, & Cigar

50bday 041.jpg (278433 bytes)

Clark girls, George and more

50bday 060.jpg (224080 bytes)

Sue & Kent

50bday 030.jpg (238719 bytes)

Sandra & Dave

50bday 067.jpg (216830 bytes)

Sandra, Alex, and the girls

50bday 078.jpg (292562 bytes)

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

50bdayBW 047.jpg (1507869 bytes)

Kent, Sue, Jim

50bday 088.jpg (236552 bytes)

Equal opportunity dancers


And of course, no birthday party is complete without presents  50bday 107.jpg (288393 bytes) 50bday 112.jpg (323550 bytes) - and a priest 50bday 096.jpg (218484 bytes) - and a pajama contest  50bday 098.jpg (275594 bytes).

So once again - thanks to everyone!



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