Gulf Coast Chapter

 Awards Banquet

The 2000 UHMS Gulf Coast Chapter Annual Awards Banquet was held at the Buckhorn Saloon Hall of Horns in San Antonio.  The Buckhorn has one of the largest collections of stuffed animals I've ever seen (who'd have known there were so many types of antelopes), not to mention the dioramas of Texas history.

After a dinner of barbeque, the Gulf Coast Chapter and  UHMS Associates presented awards.

The Associates award for excellence in a scientific presentation was presented to Sara Hasan, CHRN.

Brian Foley received both the Associates Paul Baker Award and the GCC Chuck Shilling Award.  The crowd was moved by Brian's heartfelt acceptance speech on receiving the Baker Award: "I'm just a love machine and I won't work for nobody but you." 

Brian also was the recipient of the GCC's Chuck Shilling Award.  His acceptance speech describing his first meeting with Chuck Shilling was one of the most heartfelt and stirring acceptance speeches this writer has ever heard.

The GCC presented the Jefferson Davis Award  to Judy Wilson, PhD in recognition of her research into basic mechanisms of action of HBO.

Paul Baker received an award for his contributions to the hyperbaric profession.

Though the Baromedical Nurses Association did not present any awards, they, along with the Associates and the UHMS did present former UHMS staffer Jane Dunn with gifts thanking Jane for her many years of service to the organizations.

GCC past president Tom Workman was recognized for his contributions over the past 2 years.

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